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  • SAE Euro 7

    SAE Euro 7

    SAE EURO7 REGULATION Reference source:,mg%20per%20kilometer%20until%202035. The new SAE Euro 7 emissions regulations for the first time address particulate emissions caused by braking. SAE Euro 7 vehicle-emissions regulations include a significant new sustainability wrinkle: first-ever restrictions for particulate emissions from brakes. This element of Euro 7 has auto and commercial-vehicle brake-component suppliers scurrying – commercial…



    When we need to create a big brake kit for a sports car we face the problem of the handbrake.Τhere are no brake calipers with integrated handbrake. So the solution is to fit an extra caliper for this purpose. A mechanical or electric driven caliper. Create a twin caliper system. Wilwood handbrake calipers are designed…

  • Wilwood performance brake kits assembly

    Wilwood performance brake kits assembly

    Wilwood performance brake kits assembly This is a typical assembly of a big brake kit with a six piston Aero caliper from Wilwood, a composite 2 piece disc with aluminum hat and fixing ring without bolts. Wilwood performance brake kits typically include components such as: Wilwood’s peformance brake kits are known for their reliability, durability,…

  • C/SiC vs cast iron brake discs

    C/SiC vs cast iron brake discs

    It is about a comparison between cast iron discs and components made from carbon fiber reinforced silicon carbide (c/SiC). These materials are often used in different engineering applications, particularly in the context of automotive and aerospace industries. Let’s take a look at each material: Cast Iron Discs Cast Iron Discs: Cast iron is a strong…

  • brembo


    Introduction brembo Brembo is another prominent name in the automotive braking industry, known for manufacturing high-performance brake systems, including calipers. Brembo calipers are widely used in various high-end sports cars, luxury vehicles, and performance-oriented applications due to their exceptional quality and braking performance. Key points Finaly When considering Brembo calipers, it’s essential to ensure that…

  • wilwood


    Introduction Wilwood Engineering is a well-known manufacturer of high-performance disc brake systems, including calipers. They are widely recognized in the automotive aftermarket and motorsports industries for producing quality braking components. Wilwood calipers are popular among enthusiasts, racers, and performance car builders due to their reliability, precision engineering, and improved braking performance. Wilwood key features and…

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