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Box Set

Box Set hose collection

It is a set of 28 tubes and 56 fittings that can be used to make 7 sets of 4 tubes. They come together in a case and
ready to best serve a car service professional.

This set contains hoses from 15cm to 65cm and all kinds of the most usable fittings.
Female convex and concave, male short long or BMW type, Banjos 10mm or 12mm with 20degrees.

Clips for the correct anchoring of the fittings to the original hose socket.
The Box Set is a unique and very useful tool for the brake professionals.

We can replace all items used during the week immediately after order.

Of course, a special price could apply to all clients that purchase this tool.


The case has different compartments
with description of each fitting and can
house all 28 hoses and 56 fittings.

Box Set quality and testing.

The quality of the products is always the same. Certified Teflon (PTFE) hose with PVC protection (clear) and “ALL” hoses tested with air 3000psi.
We seal the hose and test it for leaks applying a pressure of 3000psi.

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